Liverpool Soccer Schools

Youngsters from across the world flock to Liverpool to brush up on their skills both on and off the pitch.

Every year thousands of football fans from across the world make a pilgrimage to Liverpool in order to watch the side in action, but now budding stars from across the world are heading to the city for a different reason - to brush up on their English language skills.

Liverpool Football Club's partnership with The Language Gallery is drawing the attention of young football fans from around the globe. The youngsters travel to bespoke training facilities a short distance from the stadium to benefit from both the world-class training and tailor-made English courses, using the international understanding of the sport to help them master the language.

So popular is the programme among children aged 12-17, that they are flocking not just from football heartlands in Spain, France and Italy - but also from China and the Middle East in order to get a flavour of British sport, get expert training and work on their English at the same time.

Nicolas Gabaldon Molina is one such student. His hometown of Valencia is football-mad, but he chose to come to Liverpool as the opportunities were just not available elsewhere. Nicolas says "In Spain, we all live and breathe football. I've played it all my life and dream of playing professionally one day- so the opportunity to train with coaches from one of the most famous clubs in the world is unbelievable.

"I like the way we talk through our exercises in English, so you hardly notice you're learning."

Ross Stuart Metherell, Director of Sports and Corporate Programmes at The Language Gallery, says: "Liverpool FC is an iconic club and cultural institution recognised around the world. By working with them in such a stimulating, challenging and engaging environment, we have the perfect chance to help young people improve both their language and sports skills with new friends. We offer something that isn't available elsewhere, and the calibre of our students is hugely impressive. It's great to work with students of all levels of footballing and linguistic ability, as everyone thrives from seeing the improvement they make over the programme. However the most important thing is that everyone gets involved and has a great time."